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Business and Financial Offers and News, 10th July 2006 - Van Security Guide Van Security Guide

10th July 2006

Van Security Guide
If you drive a commercial vehicle you will be all to aware of the benefits of maintaining a full No Claims Bonus, and thus lowering the premiums that you pay on your van insurance.

Vans are a popular target for thieves as they tend to hold expensive tools, equipment and stock. Increasing the level of protection featured on your commercial vehicle will help lower the risk of a break in and subsequent theft of your property.

Top UK van insurers such as Direct Choice, and Gladiator Commercial (to name but two) will calculate their policy premiums using a number of risk factors. By pin pointing the areas of security weakness on your van, and being diligent about where you keep your vehicle (overnight and during the day) you will lower the price that you are quoted.

So, what steps can you take to improve the visible security level on your van? This is a great starting point as any deterrent is likely to put off a potential thief from targeting your van. Below is a list (not exhaustive) of the types of Van Security Accessories you might consider:

  • High security vehicle locks
  • Van security boxes
  • Window grilles and blinds
  • Van tool vaults
  • Site storage vaults
  • Tube carriers
  • Wheel clamps

Where possible empty your van overnight and park it in a safe place, where it is not easily accessible i.e. a locked garage/lock-up. Also make sure to use the alarm, immobiliser, and steering wheel lock etc that you have invested in, even when you leave your vehicle unattended for the shortest time.

We have listed below a few useful resources for considering the commercial vehicle alarm market, advice and useful tips from the BBC Crime Prevention Unit, and a leading vehicle tracker organisation.

If you have a new van, the chances are it already has an alarm or an immobiliser fitted. However if you are driving a used commercial vehicle then their are several options open to you. (BBC Crime Prevention).

Van Gadgets provide a wealth of information and the latest Van Security products including the SpyBox Alarm system with GSM Call Alert.

TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd is the UK leader in Stolen Vehicle Tracking as well as an award winning supplier of fleet management solutions. TRACKER offers the UK's leading stolen vehicle tracking and recovery systems.